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Ayurveda is a medical system which is five thousand years old. According to Ayurveda a human being is a diminished model of the Universe. This model is created of five basic elements: ground, water, fire, air, and ether.


Ground is slowly moving and stable, and in a physical body ground is symbolized by flesh and bones.
Water is the element of movement and changes, which in a physical body is reflected in the processes of blood and lymph streams.
Fire is a transformation force. Presence or deficiency of fire influence metabolism and a human world of thoughts and feelings.
Air is moving and vaporous.
Ether is the most philosophical basic element – it represents the inner body where the play of other four forces takes place.

Health is a balance of all five forces.


Philosofical system of Ayurveda above the system of five forces forms also three important physical and emotional types, called doshas. It depends on doshas what type of food a human being can have, and which food can harm him. The basic knowledge of doshas should be acquired while learning the Ayurvedic massage techniques.

Dosha defines the intensity of massage, the choice of natural aromatic oils and base oils, and energetic targets of the massager.

Kafa is a balance of ground and water; Pitta is a unity of fire and water; Vata is a harmony of ether and air.

Here you can find a questionnaire for filling in to find out about dosha features and to define your own dosha. Atvērt šeit.


Kapha is a balance of water and land. Kapha has the following features – fattiness, coldness, heaviness, stability, density, and evenness. Kapha’s function is to build, moisture, and cure the body. According to Ayurveda, the excess of Kapha leads to amassment of mucus in sinuses, lungs, and rectum. It also causes contumacy, and hard line....

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Pitta comes from the interaction of fire and water. Both water and fire symbolize changes which make these two equal in spite of them being opposite powers. Water and fire can transform each other and they cannot exist without each other in any biological process. One or several features show that Pitta dosha takes place....

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Vata – is the mode of movement, it is also the interaction of ether and air. It is reflected in thought, nervous impulse, gas, blood, food and bodily waste processes. Vata has seven characteristics: cold, light, changeable, flexible, dry, rare, and uneven. The excess of Vata can lead to nervous fever, high blood pressure, flatus,...

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Anketa konstitucionālā tipa noteikšanai EN

In each line choose the feature which describes you in the best way. In some cases you can choose two or three features if it is necessary. Also you can omit some points. Part 1. Permanent Features Features that are included in this part of the questionnaire describe your inborn type of metabolism. This concept...

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