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Sambahana is a massage of the whole body. It is performed with warm oils for relaxation and energy penetration. Sambahana takes 1.5 to 2 hours; it extends knowledge about energetic (marma) points.

Samahana consists of:

  • face and ear massage,
  • belly massage, which stimulates reproductive and digestive systems, deduces toxins, and stimulates the function of three lower chakras,
  • chest massage which improves the work of the heart and blood vessels and streightens the function of the fourth and fifth chakras,
  • hand and arm massage, which stimulates circulation of the blood and affects the function of the whole body through arm energetic points,
  • leg and foot massage,
  • hip massage which stimulates circulation of the blood, deduces toxins and reduces cellulite and excess weight,,
  • back massage, for the spine is the body’s physical and energetic axis,
  • head massage, which braces the nervous system and improves mind.

The course of Sambahana consists of nine lessons. Each lesson takes 3 hours.

You can sign up for the course by phone +371-29493710.


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