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Chakra massage

Chakras (the meaning is a wheel, a whirpool), are places where the physical body connects with astral or extraphysical bodies.

Chakra massage is an ancient art of self-healing that is based on Ayurveda principles. The massage is meant to balance the body energies, to recover energy harmony. The massage restores energy and releases blocks in energy centres (chakras), it balances energy flows where there is a lack of it and heals the body.


Every chakra is related to one of aspects of your life.

The 7th chakra – lilac/white, Sakhasrara, is responsible for true wisdom and enlightening

The 6th chakra – blue/indigo, Adjn,a is responsible for intuition and imagination

The 5th chakra – light blue, Vishudkha, is responsible for a person’s ability of communication and self-expression

The 4th chakra – green, Anahata, is responsible for everything related to heart – love, ability of relationships, the ability of sympathy, empathy and compassion.

The 3d chakra – yellow, Manipura, is a centre of a will of a person, resonsible for person’s thoughts, and who he/she wants to become.

The 2nd chakra – orange, Svadkhistana, is responsible of creativity, an ability to learn the world by emotions, for sexuality

The 1st chakra – red, Muladkhara, is responsible for survival and safety, (confidence and stability).

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