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Tantric massage

Tantric massage for ladies to perform for your partner.


Studying tantric practices of Beliy Tirgava you will be acquiring:

  • How to end energetic connection with your former partner, to forward this energy toward the present relationship or to have spare energy for building a new bond. You will learn how to train your genital muscles for increasing your energy level, for boosting your female attractiveness, and greatly improving your health. You will understand the connection between genital muscle tone and the ability to experience an orgasm.
  • You will study meditation for activating Muladhkhara (the primary chakra) and Anakhata (heart chakra), you will find out about your secret spots – Big Lake and Dark Lake.
  • You will master an intimate self-massage and the way how to teach your partner the techniques of self-massage.

You will master a lot of massage techniques for your partner, his hidden spots, that will improve his overall energy level, health, masculinity, sexual potency, strengthening partner  relationships, increasing libido, you will teach your partner how to elevate sexual energy towards the upper centres, that is concerning the basic knowledge of working with the energy.

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