Champi is a head and body’s upper part massage which is performed with natural aromatic oils.

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Champi massage takes 40 to 50 minutes and:

  • it is a great antidepressant means,
  • it balances five basic elements and orders doshas,
  • improves concentration ability, mind, and mental ability, it is recommended for people who perform intensive brainwork,
  • it develops psychic ability,
  • it deduces toxins, improves the work of digestive system.

Champi learning course takes six weeks and consists of three hours each week.

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Having mastered the skills of Champi massage you will:

  • get to know about aromatic oils and their usage depending on human being’s physical body constitution,
  • learn to affect energetically active points of the body and influence the work of inner organs,
  • learn to accumulate the energy and pass it to a patient.

You can sign up for the course by phone +371-29493710.