About me

TamāraYoga has been my way of living for fifteen years now. It has given me the most important thing – peace of mind; and as a result – the opportunity to see the world in another dimension. Durnig those years I have been studying Ayurveda, Vashta Shastra, Joitisha, Hathayoga, and different meditation and breathing techniques. I studied in Riga, Kiev, as well as in Tibetian monastery, and Egyptian desert. I have been teaching Yoga for eight years now. I also teach Ayurveda massage system.

One wiseman said: ”What is inside you is everywhere else. What is not inside you, is nowhere else.”

I am very happy that I was able to give people sacred and valuable knowledge – here it is possible to have a look at my students which have started their own practises.

It is possible to contact me by phone +371-29493710 or by e-mail tamara@ajurvedasmasazas.lv.


Mani sadarbības partneri, skolotāji, draugi un skolnieki: www.akupunktura.lv www.aparmita.lv www.shiva.lv www.ezoterika.lv www.garavasara.com www.inlighthouse.lv www.herbals.lv www.mansmazais.lv Jogas preču veikals www.rudra.lv

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My students

A number of my students have started their own massage practice or joined the specialists in spa and health clubs: Natālija Rutule 29552381 Alsunga Valda Vītola 28345080 Gulbenes raj. Vladimirs Golubickis 26671890 Rīga Irina Sāāsk +37205522324 Estonia Ina Ādamsone 28620602 Valkas raj. Skaidrīte Anopa 29335936 Ogres raj. Kaspars Ķekurs 29435539 Rīga Ilze Vilde 29191516 Vecpiebalga...

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